I’ve gotten all sorts of good feedback since my friend ChipX86 was nice enough to add visibility to my post! 🙂 I had intended to avoid talking about any implementation details in that post, but many comments made me realize I had lost sight of that goal, so unfortunately my limited discussion of those details gave a few of you an understandably skewed view of how I’d like to approach this. Still, your comments were a helpful mix of suggestions, constructive criticism, and support. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it! There were enough comments that I’m not going to try answering all of them individually. My next steps will be writing post 2/2 about architecture (as promised) with many of y’all’s ideas in mind, possibly revising post 1/2 (or putting it on a wiki) to reflect my reaction to many of your concerns about my initial ideas, and then finally putting together my SoC application 🙂